New Registration System Announcement

Attention all Y2K9s current students:


In order for our club to continue to grow and thrive, it’s important that we update our current approach to registering for classes. Heather, and the club registrars, Carol, Mary, Debbie, and Mardi, designed a new on-line registration system that eliminates many of the problems with the current approach. Our vision was to make an on-line registration system that is simple and fast for students and registrars.

Starting with the May-June session, every student will use the on-line registration system. Ten members tested the new system. Their feedback showed that (1) it took 2 minutes or less to register for a class, (2) was easy and a significant upgrade, and (3) needed only 2 links to pay for a class. In fact, the system is so simple that the testers did not need any training.

To register, there are two short steps:

  1. Select the class you desire, fill in the boxes with your name, email address, your dog’s name and breed. After you submit your registration, you’ll receive an email confirmation that your registration was received. The registrar will then review and approve the registration, depending on availability and your fit into the class.
  2. Once your registration is approved, you will receive an approval email, which includes a link to pay by PayPal or Credit Card. We are offering these new payment options because the recent survey showed that over 80% of respondents preferred to pay by PayPal or Credit Card. For anyone who prefers to pay by check, we will still accept checks.

Class registration for the May-June session opens on April 16. Payment is due, including checks, promptly upon receipt of payment email. Continuing students must register and complete payment by April 23. After that date, unpaid spots will be opened to new students. Students can register by selecting class type under the classes tab at

A few FAQs about class registration:

  • The long-standing policy of giving preference to current students in a class will continue, however you must register by the deadline for your preference to be honored.There will be an email notification sent to both the general GoogleGroup and the Members Only GoogleGroup when registration will be opened. Current students who want to continue in the SAME CLASS will have 7 days to re-register and pay for their current class after registration is opened. After 7 days, registration will be opened to all.
  • Your class payment, be it PayPal, Credit Card or check, MUST BE RECEIVED by a date that will be announced for each session. The Board will send an updated policy on class credits for missed classes due to illness or injury before enrollment begins for the May-June session.
  • The current registrar email address,, will be deactivated, and be replaced with individual email addresses for each registrar. For general information about the club, use
  • Class registrars, their class responsibilities, and email addresses are:
  • Carol Louis: Agility with Rosie and Nose Work with Joyce
  • Mary Brawner: Agility with Perry and Sally
  • Mardi Closson: Agility with Clyde, Katie, Kim, Nose Work with Alexa, Rally, Disc Dog, Control Unleashed, Freestyle, Tricks
  • Debbie Chirichella: Basic Canine Manners, Advanced Canine Manners, Walking and Greeting, Puppy Preschool, Recall Boot Camp
  • You cannot personally email one of the registrars to register/hold a spot for a class. You MUST use the on-line registration system.

Thanks to all students for their continued participation and support of Y2K9s.