Agreement to Hold Harmless Waiver and Assumption of Risk

I understand that attendance at a dog obedience/agility training class or club related event is not without risk to myself, members of my family, guests who might attend, or to my dog, because some of the dogs to which I will be exposed may be difficult to control and may be the cause of injury even when handled with the greatest of care.

I hereby waive and release Y2K9s Dog Sports Club, hereinafter referred to as the "Club", its employees, officers, members, directors, and agents from any and all liability of any nature for injury or damage which I or my dog may suffer, including, specifically but without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog. I expressly assume the risk of such damage or injury while attending any training session, or any other function, of the Club, or while on the training grounds or the surrounding area thereto.

In consideration of and as inducement to the acceptance of my application for training membership by this Club, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless this training Club, its employees, officers, members, directors, and agents from any and all claims, or claims by any member of a family or any other person accompanying me to any training session or function of the Club, or while on the grounds or the surrounding area thereto, as a result of any action by any dog, including my own.

By participating in classes or events at Y2K9s, I understand that both I and/or my dog(s) will be working with, exposed to or otherwise be in the presence of other dogs. I understand that neither Y2K9s, its Board of Directors, officers, its members, and/or its instructors do not warrant or otherwise insure my safety or the safety of my dog during events, classes or periods proceeding or following events or classes hosted by Y2K9s.

In the event that either my dog or I are injured by another dog prior to, during or following an event hosted by Y2K9s, I agree to hold harmless Y2K9s, its Board of Directors, officers, members and instructors for any injury suffered or sustained by myself and/or my dog(s).

I understand that this hold harmless agreement is a condition of my participation at Y2K9s classes and/or events and is part of the consideration exchanged between Y2K9s and I for the privilege of participating in events and/or classes at Y2K9s.