Rob Moore

Rob got his start training dogs in the fall of 2007, at Y2K9s. His first dog was Mr Darcy, a Portuguese Water Dog. The two of them trained and competed in both Flyball and Agility. They went far in Agility, qualifying for AKC Nationals, USDAA Nationals, and the AKC Invitational--twice, making the finals the second time around. Along the way, they acquired some titles, including a PADCH from USDAA and several MACHs from AKC. In 2015, Lizzie (Golden Retriever) joined the pack. These two have competed at a high level in Agility for the past five years, trying out for several international teams (haven't made one yet). Rob has taught a few classes at Y2K9s over the years, but has only recently joined the staff as a regular instructor. You may also know Rob as the club's Calendar Czar.

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