Kim Secter

Kim has been training dogs for agility since 1997. Her current dogs are MACH 5 The Captain’s Frequent Flyer UD, JH, MXG2, MCJ2, MXF, MFB “Ranger” and Lickety Split Double Shot CD,RN,JH,MX,MXJ “Piper” who is only 2 years old! Kim has trained 4 Labradors to the National level of competition, has multiple MACH’s and been in the top 25 for her breed Rankings with 3 different Labradors over the years. Kim and Ranger have been invited to the AKC Invitational twice to represent the top 5 dogs in her breed. Kim has trained with many of the top instructors in the country over the years and has developed a handling and training style that is a blend of the best. She has been involved in teaching and training others for over 13 years. Several of her students have achieved MACH titles on various breeds and 3 have attended the AKC invitationals. She has worked with many different breeds and sees each team as a unique partnership. Kim uses a motion based system and strives to develop consistent cues for her dogs for clear communication with them at top speed. Excelling at dog agility is a passion for Kim and she believes that confidence and joy in the teamwork together is the hallmark of the sport. Besides agility she also trains and competes in obedience, hunt tests and has recently taken on both nose work and tracking training with her dogs.

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Photo by M. Nicole Fischer