Control Unleashed!

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Control Unleashed! 1

For performance dogs-in-training only. This class follows the curriculum based upon Leslie McDevitt’s book and program, Control Unleashed! Do you have all the basics down with your future performance dog, and need the “next step” to get them ready for the excitement of agility and flyball class? Then this class is for you. This class is appropriate for dogs who have mastered basic obedience behaviors such as “stay” and loose lead walking and are non-aggressive around other dogs. It is designed to give your dog the experience of being loose around other dogs while remaining in “work mode” not “play mode.” It is designed to desensitize dogs to other dogs moving quickly or tugging nearby. The foundation theme of this class is Connection; we will be exploring various ways for you to feel connected with your dog and remain the center of your dog’s focus around an increasing level of distractions, and help you take that next step towards becoming a working team. Instructor approval required. Contact Leslie McDevitt for approval.


Control Unleashed! 2

A class for students who have taken the basic Control Unleashed course and wish to practice their foundation skills in increasingly more challenging situations, such as on an agility course around other dogs and people. Instructor approval required. Contact Leslie McDevitt for approval.