Our Philosophy

Since 1994, Y2K9s has grown into one of the Delaware Valley’s premier dog training organizations, offering a comprehensive roster of dog sports and perfect pet classes.

Y2K9s’ unique program includes classes in Puppy Preschool, Canine Manners, Agile Pups, Agility, Flyball, Competition Obedience, Rally Obedience, Disc Dog, Freestyle, Nosework, classes that include Therapy Dog training, and more. Classes are taught by experienced trainers who actively compete in their sports, and excel in their individual disciplines.

Watch our video to see for yourself:

A positive approach

Y2K9s is committed to reward-based training. Y2K9s students have enjoyed great success at all levels and in all arenas using Operant Conditioning. Favorable behaviors are reinforced with rewards. A clicker marks desired behaviors. Research demonstrates that animals learn more quickly and with more lasting results when behaviors are clearly marked, then positively reinforced.

Individual attention

At Y2K9s, classes are intentionally kept small to allow for individual attention. Family members are encouraged to attend together. In perfect pet classes, practical obedience is emphasized, with particular emphasis on the dog’s attention to the owner and solid recall skills. In sport classes, dogs build a solid foundation of attention, focus, and ability to work around distractions before moving into the excitement of sports classes.

Top choice

Y2K9s is recommended by several veterinarians, including the Behavior Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School.

A community vibe

In addition to training, Y2K9s offers a community environment where individuals are drawn together by their love of having fun with their dogs. Every calendar year includes non-competition events for the entire membership and friends.
Y2K9s offers Therapy Dog certification tests twice yearly. For more information, please contact Edie Williams.

Y2K9s is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(03) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Your donation is fully tax deductible.

New to Y2K9s?

Students coming from other training programs into classes other than Puppy Classes, Basic Canine Manners, and Control Unleashed Classes may be required to take a two-hour lesson with a Y2K9s trainer to review our training program. This will enable those unfamiliar with Y2K9s training principles and methods to take full advantage of the classes.

Y2K9s offers evaluations for anyone who is unsure where to place their dog. Contact Diane Battis for more information.