Class Info and Policies

If you have never taken classes at Y2K9s before, welcome to Y2K9s. You and your dog are about to have lots of fun! Before taking your first class, we may request a brief, free-of-charge evaluation.

If you register for Basic Canine Manners, Diane Battis will automatically be in contact with you to coordinate an evaluation. For ALL OTHER CLASSES, unless you have approval by the class instructor, please email Diane to schedule your evaluation.
First time students will also be required to show proof of current dog inoculations - rabies and DAP (Distemper/Adenovirus/Parovirus) - at the first class.

At Y2K9s we use force-free training methods based on positive reinforcement. Bring a large supply of small, tasty treats.

Four to six foot leads and a buckle collar are recommended. Please, no Flexi Leads. We may recommend the use of an alternate head halter or harness; they are available for sale at class.

    Waiver required for all activities at Y2K9s

    Changes in our class protocols for COVID-19

    Y2K9s has building protocols to keep everyone safe:

    • Class times are so that students in area A and B will not be in the lobby at the same time.
    • Students must wait for the OK from their instructor before entering the building. All students must wait outside. No one is permitted to wait in the lobby.
    • Drop ins are allowed only with permission of instructor and pre-payment.
    • There will only be one class at a time in Area B.
    • Crates are carefully positioned so that students will be able to maintain their distance from others.
    • For students with more than one dog in a class that needs to be kept in a quiet area, there are two crate spots with barriers in our lobby. First come first served. Be kind and if your dog is okay in the classroom, please leave this for others.
    • Every crate should have a dispenser of sanitizing wipes to clean both crate and chair before and after class. If there is not one there, please notify your instructor or a board member.
    • Each student must clean their crating area (crate and chair) after each use. We are recommending incoming students do the same.
    • Wipes and hand sanitizer are located throughout the building.
    • ALL students AND instructors MUST WEAR MASKS AT ALL TIMES. The mask must be well fitting and cover your nose down to your chin and stay in this position at all times during all activities. Gaiters, Bandanas, Scarves are NOT considered well-fitting options and are therefore NOT acceptable. This includes the potty area, lobby, bathroom – everywhere except for in your car.
    • Everyone entering the building must sign a waiver. Because violating the protocols can endanger all members, students, and instructors, the board also wanted to emphasize that violations may result in penalties, including ejection from class at the discretion of the instructor, loss of rental privileges, and the revocation of membership.

    We have been holding virtual classes over the summer along with webinars and plan to continue to offer these for those students in situations where coming back to a class is not preferred. If you have any suggestions for virtual classes that you would like to see offered, please let us know.

    Have you been exposed to Covid or tested positive?

    For students in classes:
    • If you develop symptoms of Covid-19, test positive for Covid, or been exposed to someone with Covid, or been in close contact with someone with Covid you should notify your instructor immediately. You should also notify everyone you have been in close contact with. If you have been infected with Covid you can be contagious beginning 48 hours before symptoms occur.
    • Symptoms of Covid include but not limited to - fever, chill, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell , sore throat, nasal congestion, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea
    • Close contact is anyone within 6 ft of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes within a 24 hr period - even if you are wearing a mask - or providing care for someone at home who is sick with Covid or had direct physical contact with a sick person(i.e. hugging) or shared eating utensils with a sick person.
    For renters:
    • If you develop symptoms, test positive for Covid, have been exposed or been in close contact with someone with Covid you should notify Rob Moore immediately and of course anyone at the club you were in close contact with at the time of the rental.
    For instructors:
    • If you are notified about an affected student you should notify the class members that they had a possible exposure. You are not allowed to give the affected person’s name due to HIPPA privacy rules. You should encourage the student to report the issue to anyone they had close contact with at the club. You should also notify Sally Silverman.

    When can affected students return to the club?

    • If you had mild symptoms of Covid you may return to class or the club to rent when there has been 2 weeks from symptoms first appearing and 48 hours of no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and other symptoms of Covid improving.
    • If you were severely ill with Covid requiring hospitalization you should not return to the club for at least 3 weeks after symptoms first appeared and 48 hours of no fever without fever-reducing medications and other symptoms of Covid improving (Should also consult with your practitioner before resuming activities).
    • If you tested positive for Covid but never developed symptoms you may return to the club 2 weeks after the positive test.
    • If you were exposed to Covid or came in Close Contact with someone with Covid you may return to the club 2 weeks after the last date of exposure to someone with symptoms or 2 weeks from the date of the positive test of the person you were exposed to even if that person had no symptoms.

    Y2K9s Class Fee Refund Policy

    • With few exceptions, there will be no refunds once a student has started a class.
    • If, for some reason, it looks as though a more basic or more advanced class may be more appropriate, the fee will be applied to that class.
    • If a dog has been diagnosed with an infectious disease, refunds for missed classes will be offered.
    • If a student knows ahead of time that he/she will not be able to attend all classes in a session, they may either sign up for the full session and miss those classes without receiving a refund OR take the class as a drop-in student.
    • Drop-ins are available at the instructor’s discretion and only if a class is not full.
    • In instances of severe lameness or illness on the part of handler OR dog, exceptions may apply.

    Y2K9s Policy on Kennel Cough and Other Canine Respiratory Illnesses

    Kennel cough is typically a self-limiting virus that can be serious for very young, very old, and immune-suppressed dogs. The germs that spread the virus can be shed by dogs before they show clinical signs, so keeping a coughing dog at home is not enough. Because we are all crazy about doing things with our dogs and playing all kinds of fun games, the best thing that we can do is to make every effort to minimize the spread of kennel cough and other respiratory illnesses. We can do that in several ways:

    • Avoiding contact with other dogs and things they touch with their mouths.
      • No dog to dog contact.
      • No water bowls left out where other dogs can access them, and removed after class.
        (If you forget your bowl, there are paper bowls in the lobby closet which you can use and toss.)
      • Don’t leave toys around. If you find a toy left behind, put it on the lost and found shelf in the lobby.
      • If you use a target, bring your own and take it home with you.
      • Use disinfectant wipes to wipe out crates before use.
    • If a dog is observed coughing or showing other signs of illness, an instructor has the right to ask the owner to leave. If a dog has a chronic condition causing a cough, owner may be asked to show a veterinary note indicating that it has been examined and that it does not have a contagious illness.
    • Dogs who have kennel cough may not return to Y2K9s for two weeks AFTER the last symptoms were observed. This also applies to other dogs in the household who may not have shown symptoms.
    • Students who miss class because of kennel cough will be issued a credit for those classes missed.
    • Y2K9s will establish a routine for regular disinfecting of the club interior and potty area.

    Equipment Policy

    • Y2K9s is proud of its commitment to force-free training. Choke chains, prong collars, and any and all electronic collars will not be allowed at Y2K9s with the following exception: classes in which the use of a choke collar is required for the discipline, such as show handling. In those cases the collar shall NOT be used to correct the dog at any time, and the instructor will be able to require a change of collar if he/she deems appropriate.
    • At events held at Y2K9s under the umbrella of organizations that do allow a variety of collars to be used, the rules of that venue will be respected.
    • For the safety of dogs and handlers, Flexi (retractable) leashes are not allowed.


    • There is ample parking in the lot directly in front of our building
    • Do not block entrances and doors to our building, other buildings or loading docks

    Field Turf Floor

    We have made a big investment in this flooring and need your help to keep it in good shape

    • Do not let your dog run loose on the field turf
    • Use treats that can be easily found by your dog
    • No human food or drinks on the turf
    • Let an instructor know if you see any infractions; help enforce these rules
    • Should a spill or accident occur, use disinfectant in the spray bottle and paper towels to blot


    PEEnalty Payment

    Payment for: PEEnalty Fine

    Amount: $10.00

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    • $10 penalty for dog accidents ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING
    • Outside the building please pick up and use our dumpster for disposal
    • Use the “Y2 Loo” (gravel area adjacent to parking lot) – bags available
    • Inside – See your instructor for location of correct cleaning product
    • Please do not leave any dog waste (liquid or solid) in any indoor trash can, including those in the bathrooms – place it in the dumpster

    Bitches in season

    • Bitches in season are welcome in class, dependent upon permission from the instructor (as some classes are not conducive to allowing a bitch in season to participate). Bitches in season must wear panties at all times when inside the building, even when training in agility. If the bitch in season is not permitted to attend class, a credit will be given for the time missed.

    Class Cancellations and Bad Weather

    • In the event of inclement weather, an email will sent to the Y2K9s GoogleGroup
      Click here to join
    • A notice will also be posted on the Y2K9s' website in the Twitter Box on the home page
    • Or you can follow the Twitter postings on your computer or mobile device by subscribing to
      Y2K9s on Twitter
    • Message Center Phone Number: 215-821-9259 (for class cancellations information; also for general questions regarding Y2K9s, you may call our message center, leave a message, and we will contact you)

    Free Stuff to Borrow

    • Live to Run Again Audio Library - Live to Run Again is a not-for-profit public education campaign against drowsy driving
      Learn more about Live to Run Again
    • Books, magazines and DVDs are available in the lobby bookshelf

    Get in the Loop!

    • Join the Y2K9s email group on GoogleGroups. Email traffic is light, with useful club notices and news.
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    Items Available for Purchase

    • $25 – EZ-Walker Harnesses (see an instructor for fitting and purchase)
    • $4 – Clickers
    • Mesh tug bags
    • Y2K9s offers a variety of logo-printed items for sale. Check them out in our lobby and contact Lynn Lubing if interested.