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Beginners Agility Skills

Geared towards teams who intend on competing, this class covers the building blocks for a successful agility team. Foundation work for perfect contacts, mechanics of basic handling, motivation and focus will be taught. Learn the best uses for toy and food rewards. This is the “building block” course for all agility courses, and is open to dogs and puppies of any age.
Prerequisite: Must have taken at least one of the following classes, or the equivalent, or pass an evaluation with an instructor:

  • Basic Canine Manners
  • Advanced Canine Manners
  • Recall Bootcamp
  • Control Unleashed
  • Agile Pups


Agility 1

This will be a 2-part class where you will learn the handling system taught at Y2K9s, with an emphasis on practicing this system over one and two-jump sequences. You will also learn contact and weave-pole training from the ground up. The class will focus on transferring target behavior to contact equipment and back-chaining each contact obstacle. Weave poles are taught using channels and/or 2x2 methods.
Prerequisites: Basic Agility Skills or comparable class. Dogs must be old enough to start jumping at their full height.


Sequencing Skills

This class will use short sequencing skills with an emphasis on refining certain handling techniques. Dogs should be able to do all equipment full height and be able to weave (can be channel weaves and opened). Prerequisite: Agility 1.


Course Skills

For the advanced team, this class will emphasize coursework at an excellent/masters level perspective.

Masters Coursework

For the student who is trialing in USDAA or AKC at the Masters level or the equivalent, the focus will be on correct cues and handling techniques. Some international style challenges may be presented.

Advanced Handling and Coursing Skills

This class is geared for the Advanced/ Excellent/ Masters level student. Specific handling skills are targeted each week to improve each team’s competency in a variety of areas. These skills are then worked into sequences at speed and course work. Emphasis on correct timing and placement of reinforcement as well as maintaining enthusiasm and drive are key components of this class.

"Let's Work on That"

The objective of this class is to allow you to work on whatever is needed: contacts, running a-frame, particular handling (ie rear crosses, back side of jumps), etc. During your turn in the class, we will focus on your particular needs, so it will be very customized. Class limited to 4 students. Will create a second class if needed. Drop-in or sign up for all 4 weeks - please contact Diane Battis if you would like to drop in.