Rental Rates and Policies

Member Rates

Up to 4 members, per hour $20 $15
5 or more members, per hour $50 $40

Non-Member Rates

Up to 4 people, per hour $50 $40
5 or more people, per hour $60 $50

Full Day/Weekend Rentals

Turf Field/Agility Equipment – $500 per day
Matted Area – $350 per day

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Rental Policies

Renting on Consecutive Weeks

No person may rent the same space on the same day/time for more than four consecutive weeks. For example, no one may rent Area A every Tuesday from 10am to 11am for more than four consecutive weeks. Exceptions include:

  • Rosie’s regular Tuesday and Wednesday private lessons
  • Others at the discretion of the rental manager

No Rentals More Than Eight Weeks in the Future

No person may book a rental more than eight weeks into the future. This does not include seminars, trials, and other special events. The rental manager may use his/her discretion to make other exceptions.

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There is a $10 PEEnalty for dog accidents ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING

Field Turf Floor

We have made a big investment in this flooring and need your help in keeping it in good shape
  • Do not let your dog run loose on the field turf
  • $10 PEEnalty for dog accidents on the turf or ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING
  • Use treats that can be easily found by your dog
  • No human food or drinks on the turf
  • Let an instructor know if you see any infractions; help enforce these rules
  • Should a spill or accident occur, use disinfectant in the spray bottle and paper towels to blot