Building Rental

Please review our Rental Rates and Policies page

Our building is available for rent by members or groups, for an hour or for an entire day.

There are two spaces available for rent:

  • Area A: A 79.5’ x 117’ turfed space that is large enough to train on regulation agility courses, and host competitions in most agility venues, as well as flyball and disc. This space includes use of all agility equipment.
  • Area B: A 30' x 100' training space with rubber matting that can be divided with moveable barriers. This space includes use of channel weave poles, a teeter, a short tunnel, and jumps.

To submit a rental request:

Please include your name/group's name, date, start/finish time, and which area you would like to rent in an email to

To pay for a rental:

Please pay via PayPal or credit card online, within 48 hours (before or after the rental). If you have several rentals within 1 week's time, you may pay for all of them at once, sometime in the middle of the week .

Please remember to pay for your rentals, but please do not pay weeks to a month in advance. Those responsible for tracking rentals and payments thank you for your cooperation.

There is a $10 PEEnalty for dog accidents ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING

PEEnalty Payment

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Amount: $10.00

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Field Turf Floor

We have made a big investment in this flooring and need your help in keeping it in good shape
  • Do not let your dog run loose on the field turf
  • $10 PEEnalty for dog accidents on the turf or ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING
  • Use treats that can be easily found by your dog
  • No human food or drinks on the turf
  • Let an instructor know if you see any infractions; help enforce these rules
  • Should a spill or accident occur, use disinfectant in the spray bottle and paper towels to blot