Upcoming Events

Y2K9s hosts several competitive events each year, including UKI and CPE Agility, Rally-O, and Canine Musical Freestyle. We also offer Therapy Dog Testing and Certification sessions, as well as weekend seminars from expert trainers in a variety of dog sports.

Therapy Dog (TDI) Testing Sessions

DATE: Sunday, October 20 at 4pm. Doors will be open at 3:30 for registration.
COST: $25, plus $5 charge for building rental. Cash or checks only.
CONTACT: Email Edie Williams (for immediate questions, call or text 215-370-7623)

Limit 14 dogs each session. Please let Edie Williams know if you want a spot. These will fill quickly. Priority will be given to those who have already tested with us and to those who contacted Edie early in the game. Also, note that this in ONLY the Therapy Dog certification test. The CGC test is no longer done during the same session.

The first phase of testing will be done as a group, followed by Phase 2 where the exercises will be done individually. This closely simulates the environment a dog-handler team will face when “visiting”. Click here for the testing description. Click here to view the current brochure. Feel free to review these and send us any questions you might have.

You will need to bring with you:

  • vaccine records/certificate – rabies is required (NOTE: a rabies tag is NOT sufficient)
  • proof of a County License – these can be obtained quickly online and from many of the local vets

You may NOT:

  • use treats during the test
  • use any kind of training harness, or choke or prong collar 

Manca Mikec Agility Seminars

DATES: Friday, November 29, 2019; Saturday, November 29, 2019; Sunday, December 1, 2019;
COST: $185.00 for members, $220.00 for non members. Lunch is not included.
CONTACT: Rosie Sutherland

Friday:  Novice/open/advanced levels

For anyone just about to compete or just at the beginning of your competition career, this is a good fit for you. Dogs must be able to do all equipment, full height with understanding of end behavior, and a full set of weaves.

Saturday: Masters level

Dogs competing at the masters level but handlers don’t have the desire to compete in other countries. Manca is from Slovenia, so there will be plenty of challenges, so be prepared to be pushed.

Sunday: International handling

If you would like to compete overseas, or attend tryouts for any of the various international teams the US has, this day is for you.

Julie Jenkins Puppy Seminar

DATE: Friday, November 29, 2019
TIME: 10am – 4pm with a break for lunch
COST: Cost $150 for members, $175 for non members. Auditors $75 members, $100 non members.
CONTACT:  Rosie Sutherland

10 working spots, unlimited auditors. Puppies 3-10 months (General guideline. Older dogs will be considered.)

Training a puppy or new dog is exciting, fun, and sometimes a little bit scary. Puppies destined for performance work need solid foundation skills. Dogs who lack a good foundation struggle to learn more complex sport skills, but doing too much too early carries risk as well. For experienced dog sport handlers, the pressure to ‘get it right’ when starting a new dog is significant. Julie’s foundation program emphasizes building a loving, cooperative relationship while developing emotional, mental, and physical skills. Julie outlines the steps she takes to raise puppies into confident, engaged, and dextrous dogs who can easily learn the skills specific to their sports. Topics covered include managing emotional arousal, focusing around distractions, developing play, food and toy drives, problem solving, impulse control, cuing and stimulus control, tricks, and body awareness. Learn effective, fun techniques to keep puppies safe and successful while they mature into dog sport rockstars.

Julie Norman Jenkins is a multi-sport dog trainer with a passion for teaching people and dogs. As a junior handler, she trained and showed her own dogs in obedience, conformation, herding, agility, flyball, musical freestyle, and canine disc. Alongside her mother, Deb Norman, Julie co-founded Y2K9s Dog Sports Club in suburban Philadelphia. Relocating to NC in 2014, Julie now co-owns and operates Quicksilver Canine, in Julian, NC, teaching lessons, classes and seminars. Julie’s flyball team, Fur Fun, has a long list of accomplishments including 2 time Can Am Multibreed Grand Champions, FCI flyball world record holders, and FCI Open World Cup Champions. Although she considers flyball her first dog sport love, Julie’s training methods and philosophies apply to many sports. Julie’s instruction style is flexible and fun, focusing on the strengths and challenges of individuals rather than using cookie-cutter solutions. Her foundation  training emphasizes developing a loving relationship through play and cooperative learning. These foundation skills benefit performance dogs of many disciplines and make sport-specific training easy and fun. Julie strives to bring out the very best in each dog and handler team, regardless of breed, speed, or level of training.