Become a Member

Y2K9s is a many-faceted organization for dog lovers, dog sports folks, and just plain dog people. In addition to a great roster of classes, we offer trials and matches in Agility, Rally, Freestyle, and Nose Work, as well as a series of seminars featuring some of the outstanding experts in their field. Members are key to the success of these events. They also participate in activities that help our club thrive.

You’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Discounted class fees
  • Discount off all Y2K9s sponsored seminars and workshops
  • Advance notice of registration for events, seminars and workshops
  • Building rental for personal use (subject to availability)
  • Building rental fee reduced for any hourly private lesson
  • Participation in our members-only email discussion group

Membership requirements to join:

  • COMPLETE two classes at Y2K9s at the regular price
  • That’s it! Then you’re eligible to become a member.

To maintain membership:

  • Must be in good standing with regard to dues
  • Must work at least one event per year, or the equivalent in other services to the club, or will lose the right to membership the following year (“Other services” might include general cleaning, organizing food or volunteers for an event, organizing a neighborhood dog sports demo, etc.) Please see the Upcoming Events for 2021.
  • Complete the online registration form and pay the membership fee before January 1

Rates are prorated for partial year membership: 50% if joining on July 1, 2021 or later.

To get this discount, you must enter code "2021PRORATE" when registering.

The club wants to keep all interested and active members. If the membership fee presents a financial barrier for you, please contact the Membership Chair and we will do our best to make an accommodation.


Email our Membership Chair.