CJ Hazell, KPA CTP, CTDI, Certified Dog Parkour Instructor

CJ Hazell, KPA Certified Training Partner, Certified Dog Parkour Instructor, Certified Trick Dog Instructor

CJ has been training dogs professionally through her company, Bad Dog Good Dog Trainer, since 2010. She became an instructor for Y2K9s in 2013 teaching Basic Manners and Puppy Preschool. She also taught Walking Manners, Recall and Tricks classes before discovering Dog Parkour. She now teaches both beginner and advanced Dog Parkour classes. CJ started on her journey as a dog trainer when she decided to use a dog to help her with her research into wolves and golden jackals in Kyrgyzstan from 2002 to 2005. Teaching her first border collie, Mara, to locate jackal and wolf scat and partnering with a scent dog for 3 years got her hooked. Since then, she has helped dogs with all kinds of behavior issues from fear and anxiety, separation anxiety, and hyper-arousal to aggression cases.

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