Katie Conn

Katie Conn’s agility career started at Y2K9s where she began taking classes in 2000; she has been competing in agility since 2001.Since 1999, Katie has owned and trained a number of Shetland Sheepdogs.She trains and competes in AKC, UKI, and USDAA. Several of her dogs have earned multiple championships in all these venues, including earning several MACHs in AKC, a Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award in USDAA, (Ritz is only the 8th Sheltie to receive this title), and UKI IWAC (championship with all blues).Several of Katie’s dogs have been on AKC World Teams multiple years.

Katie likes to challenge her students in class with different handling options and have them look for best ways to run a sequence. She maintains a positive attitude, but likes to push her students outside of their comfort zone to expand that comfort zone. She looks to help each student achieve their individual goals.

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