Winnie Radolan

Winnie has been training and learning from her sighthound dogs for over 20 years. She has owned, trained and shown several Borzoi an occasional Whippet and currently a Silken Windhound.

Winnie has been active in Conformation, Obedience and Lure Coursing, with accumulated titles in all. Winnie’s training philosophy for her dogs is to base her relationship on sincerity, love and mutual respect, flavored with a heavy dose of positivity, fun, and patience. This philosophy has shaped her work with all breeds.

In 2007 Winnie joined Y2K9s to try agility training with her Borzoi; the two immediately came to love the sport and all its teaching aspects. Winnie has continued her agility training with her current Silken Windhound. In addition, she is actively training and competing with a rescue Borzoi in the sport of Canine Freestyle.

Winnie has assisted with numerous Y2K9’s Basic Manners and Agile Pups classes and team teaches the Conformation class. Her work in dog sports is heavily motivated towards relationship building. She delights in helping people establish good communications and strong partnerships with their four-legged companions. Winnie has taken several classes from the Fenzi Dog Academy in addition to other class training.

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