Lisa Woodard, CNWI

Lisa Woodard, CNWI, got hooked on scent work over five years ago. The sport of
nose work created a special connection between her and Rowdy, her rescued Golden
Retriever. Learning to read and understand her dog while in his natural state of hunting
and searching not only created a special bond but was also a ton of fun. K9 Nose Work®
became her passion. Lisa enrolled in the K9 Nose Work® Instructor Certification program
with the National Association of Canine Scent Work, LLC®, receiving her CNWI (Canine
Nose Work Instructor) certification in 2018. Lisa regularly attends K9 Nose Work® seminars
to expand her knowledge of dogs in odor as well as coaching the handler to build their
human observation skills.
Rowdy, has earned his Level 1, Level 2 and NW3 Elite Nose Work® titles and is now
competing at the Elite level. Cody, also a rescued golden retriever, has his Level I, Level
2 and a Level 3 K9 Nose Work® titles. Gunner is a new member of the family and is in
training for K9 Nose Work®.
Lisa currently resides in Yardley, PA with her husband Matthew, also a nose work fan, and
their three Golden Retrievers. Rowdy and Cody also have their CGC Titles and are certified
therapy dogs with Therapy Dogs International and Angels on a Leash. After 36 years, Lisa
has retired from corporate America and is excited about expanding her K9 Nose Work®
teaching and training through her own business, K9 NOSEN AROUND, LLC.
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